Fucanglong Slots

Oriental theme slot games continue to be a major hit in the online casino industry, and that couldn't be more true of Real Time Gaming's new, video wonder, Fucanglong Slots.

About Fucanglong Slots

This new video titles comes in 5 reels along with over 1,024 different way to win. This Chinese theme game takes place in Ancient China, packed with wizardry, mysticisim, magic and of course dragons. The game centers on out maneuvering the legendary, underground dragon, Fucanglong, as he guards precious jewels, other treasures, and a magic pearl.

The wild symbol in this game is none other than the dragon himself. The dragon will only land on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels, and he will replace all the other symbols with the exception of the two scatter symbols. To embark on the free spins round, you must land a trio of either the dragon pearl or dragon mountain icons on the reel. If you land a trio of the dragon mountain icons, you will start off with eight free spins along with a winning multiplier that increases by a factor of one each time this set is re triggered by landing an additional 3 scatter icons. The maximum winning multiplier under this scenario is eight. If you started this free spin round by landing either 4 or 5 scatter icons on the reel, than the dragon wild becomes eligible to expand over the reel, providing additional dramatic wins.

If you got into the free spins round by landing at least three of the dragon pearls, then you will also start off with eight free spins with the magic pearl revealing the winning multiplier which can range anywhere from 3 times to up to 88 times. And if the dragon wild lands on the reels during this round, it too will expand over the reels, providing extra wins.

The other icons in Fucanglong Slots, include a wizard with a pile of gold, monuments, medallions, a pretty sorceress, and treasure chests full of gold. Real Time Gaming, a name synonymous with excellence in online casino gaming, pushes the envelope with Fucanglong Slots, a 3-D, 5 reel slot full of action and adventure along with the mysticism from ancient China. Offering more than a 1,000 winning combinations, Fucanglong Slots comes with a cinematic soundtrack and sound effects. This title will be available to be played either instantly online or for download.