Terms and Conditions

It is important that you carefully read and understand this agreement. Should you have any doubts with regards to your rights and obligations in regard to the acceptance of this agreement, you should consult with a legal attorney in your jurisdiction.

1. Pure Vegas Casino is strictly restricted to individuals who are of legal age of majority and who are residents of jurisdiction (“Players”) where making the use of Pure Vegas Casino and its games (“Games”) are not prohibited by law. All Pure Vegas Games are considered void where it is prohibited by law. It is strictly forbidden for minors to play on Pure Vegas Casino. To play on the Online Casino no purchase is necessary, therefore Players may enter Pure Vegas Casino and play Games free of charge and without wagering any money. 2. Pure Vegas Casino grants any player a personal, non-transferrable, non-exclusive sub-license to make use of the software for playing in the casino. 3. Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right to change the agreement from time to time. It is the Players responsibility to consult the website and/or the Help files a minimum of once every three month. The Player accepts and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement, as amended from time to time, and also the rules of the casino games. 4. Pure Vegas Casino makes use of advanced encryption systems for the protection of username and password information, and any other information of sensitive nature that is transferred from the client application and Pure Vegas Casino servers, thus, protecting the Player and the Casino against any manipulation attempt by a third party. 5. The Player must be at least 21 years of age, or has reached the legal age of maturity in the jurisdiction that he/she resides, whichever is the greater. Pure Vegas Casino’s virtual casino gambling operation is directed towards Players, who, by the laws of their home jurisdiction are not prohibited from gambling on the internet through the application of the software. Some jurisdictions have not as yet addressed the legality of using software for gambling, while some jurisdictions have specifically made internet gambling illegal. Pure Vegas Casino is unable to determine the state of law in every jurisdiction around the world on an ongoing basis; therefore, the Player accepts the sole responsibility for determining the laws that apply to his/her jurisdiction. The Player is also responsible for any consequences that may transpire if he/she does not determine the laws that apply to his/her jurisdiction. The Player must fully understand that he/she may play Games free or for money. The Player does not find the Game of the website to be offensive, unfair, objectionable nor indecent. Commercial use of Pure Vegas Casino is strictly forbidden. The player will play only for private and non-professional purposes. Before a Player places bets on Pure Vegas Casino they are responsible for the verification of the laws on gambling that governs the location where Pure Vegas Casino client is used. The Player shall hold the Company, the employees, directors, officers, distributors, licensees, wholesalers; affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising promotions or any other agencies, agents, media partners, and retailers to be harmless and blameless, and shall fully indemnify the same from all costs, liabilities, expenses, and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of the Player’s:

a. entry, usage, or re-usage of the website, b. usage of materials at the website, c. entry, usage and re-usage of the Pure Vegas Casino server, d. participation in Game, or, e. the acceptance of any prize.

The Player should periodically review these terms and conditions at a rate of not less than monthly as they are posted on the Pure Vegas Casino website. The Player shall not participate in the Games, open, make usage or re-usage of an account, enter the website, or the Casino, not accept a prize if the Player does not fully understand, agree to, be a party to, and the Player shall abide by, without any exception, all the rules, regulations, term and conditions that are contained therein and as such rules, regulations, terms and conditions may periodically change. The Player is obliged at all times to keep his/her username and password confidential and secret and not disclose to any other party. Usage of the software application through the Player’s username is the sole responsibility of the Player. The Player is responsible to not allow any third party or person, including and without limitation to any minor, to use his/her account, not to place bets/wagers nor participate in the Games in any way. The Player is fully responsible for all taxes and any fees applicable to any winnings resulting from the usage of the software. If the winnings are taxable within the Player’s jurisdiction, the Player is required to keep a record of all winnings and report the winnings to the applicable authorities. Personal identity and details of every member remains confidential. Pure Vegas casino will not report any wagering information on any player’s behalf. Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right to cancel a Players membership at any time without any notification. In the event of a membership being cancelled any balance on the account will be automatically credited back to the Player’s credit card or forwarded to the Player by check. In addition, Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right, at its total discretion, to void any winnings and/or withhold any balance in Pure Vegas Casino account under any of the following circumstances:

f. If the name that is registered on Pure Vegas Casino does not match the name that is on the Credit Card(s) that is used to deposit money into the account. g. If false or misleading information is used for opening a Pure Vegas Casino Account. h. If the Player is not of legal age in the Players jurisdiction or place of residence. i. If the Player resides in a jurisdiction where the law prohibits the usage and participation of any such games j. If the Player has permitted or allowed, whether purposely or not, another party to play on the Player’s Pure Vegas Casino account. k. If the Player has charged back or reversed any of his/her purchases that have been made on Pure Vegas Casino. l. It is permitted that ONLY ONE ACCOUNT allowed per household, workplace and computer any winnings will be paid to Players that have only ONE account. If more than one account is registered then any bonuses and winnings will be VOID. m. If it has been found that a Player has been cheating, or if Pure Vegas Casino has determined that the Player has used a machine or system, be it, additional software, additional computer, or other method used to circumvent the natural randomness of Pure Vegas Casino’s Systems. n. The name that is on Pure Vegas Casino does not match the name of the beneficial owner of the financial instrument that was used to make the withdrawal or deposit. o. If the Player’s Pure Vegas Casino account has not been used for a period of 180 days, any balance that is in the Player’s account will be forfeited to Pure Vegas Casino.

6. Should any dispute should arise involving Pure Vegas Casino and or any other party, the Casino will act as the final arbitrator. Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right to be able to employ the services of an independent arbitrator of its choice, to act as an agent of arbitration in Pure Vegas Casino’s place, should a dispute arise. 7. Before A Player makes their first withdrawal, regardless of any amount, from Pure Vegas Casino, he/she will need to fill in the Verification Form, which has been properly printed, filled out clearly and then scanned and e-mailed or faxed fully completed to Pure Vegas Casino before any monies can be sent. Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right to be able to request a Verification Form at any time and may at its discretion terminate any account that has not completed and/or returned the Verification Form satisfactorily, or returned the Verification form in a time period that has been determined by Pure Vegas Casino as reasonable. In such an event, Pure Vegas Casino may unilaterally determine the resolution of any account Funds. By doing so any winnings will be voided. Pure Vegas Casino also reserves the right to withhold any amount that is in excess of the Player’s original deposit from a Player’s withdrawal, if the PLAY BONUS has been wagered on restricted games. Different bonuses have different restricted games and it’s the Players sole responsibility to review the specific terms of each bonus, and determine the restricted games list. Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right to rescind or refuse the play bonus for any reason, including, but not restricted to Player abuse. In the event of abuse Pure Vegas Casino reserves the right to be able to discontinue a Player’s membership, and to be able to prevent the Player from accessing the casino and opening an account in the future. 8. A $2,000 (Two thousand US Dollars) maximum will be sent per week, all balances will be sent in increments of $2,000 over any of the following weeks. Bonuses will be credited on deposits only. Any reversed withdrawals will not be considered as deposits and will also not be matched with a bonus. Should a Player’s real money deposits to Pure Vegas Casino be reversed due to there being insufficient funds, a charge back, or any other reason, irrespective of which payment method is used, Pure Vegas Casino withholds the rights to cancel any bonuses, wins, credits or withdrawals. The play bonuses will be given once per household only, and/or account as per the casino’s terms of use. If a second account is opened, Pure Vegas Casino will close it and any bonuses or winnings may be cancelled. 9. The Player should be fully aware that when he/she uses a credit card for purchases /deposits, it will be billed immediately after the deposit/purchase. All PLAY BONUS credits are to be used for wagering purposes – no withdrawal will be honored for any amount less than the PLAY BONUS. With a withdrawal request, regardless of the number of deposits, any amount up to the equivalent of the PLAY BONUS value, will be deducted from the Players play balance or his/her winnings prior to the settlement. The first credits that are wagered will be deducted from the Player’s deposit(s) rather than from the PLAY BONUS. 10. All Rules and regulations that are contained in this agreement herein represent a complete and final agreement between the Player and Pure Vegas Casino, and thus, supersedes any and all prior agreements. This agreement shall also be deemed as an exclusive agreement between the Player and Pure Vegas Casino. All deposits must be wagered at least once before a Player is able to cash out. 11. A Player agrees that Pure Vegas Casino or a payment processing company on the Casino’s behalf will handle all account transactions (“Payment Processor”). It is also hereby agreed that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payment should the Payment Processor has any reason to believe or have any suspicion that the Player has engaged or is engaging in any fraudulent, unlawful, collusion or improper activity. 12. The Player agrees to fully pay any and/or all payments that are due to Pure Vegas Casino or any third party that is connected with the Player’s use of the Pure Vegas online casino. The Player further agrees not to make any charge-backs and/or cancel or renounce or otherwise reverse any of the Players due payments, and in any such event the Player will compensate and/or refund Pure Vegas Casino for such unpaid payments, including any expenses that have been incurred by Pure Vegas Casino in the process of the collection of the Player’s payment. 13. Pure Vegas Casino promises to answer all queries within 3 working days from time of receipt. 14. A Player can only use the Online Casino and/or its website if the Player is of the legal age as determined by the law of the country where the player resides. 15. A player cannot use the Online Casino and/or the website if they are under the age of 21 years of age under any circumstances. 16. Some legal jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of Online Gambling while others have specifically made it illegal to engage in Online Gambling. Pure Vegas Casino does not intend that anyone should use the Online Casino and/or the website when such usage is illegal. The availability of Pure Vegas Casino and/or its website does not construe that it is an invitation by Pure Vegas Casino to be able to use the Online Casino in any country where such use is illegal. Using the Online Casino becomes void where it is prohibited by any applicable law. The Player accepts responsibility for the determination of whether the Players usage of the Online Casino is legal in the country where the Player resides. 17. The Player cannot withdraw using the following means if a deposit has generated winnings by the deposit using a Credit Card: EcoWalletand UseMyWallet. Other E-wallet solutions may also be excluded at the discretion of Pure Vegas Casino. 18. In the event that Pure Vegas Casino is unable to fully verify the Player’s documentation and Identity, the Online Casino may require further documentation by the Player in order to complete the process. 19. Pure Vegas Casino©. The software is protected under the applicable copyright laws. Title, ownership and all intellectual property rights in the software remain with Pure Vegas Casino, including images, animations, photographs, video, music, audio, and text that may be part of the software. Duplication, publication or redistribution of any of the content, or part of the software is strictly prohibited. Title, ownership and all the intellectual property rights in the name of "Pure Vegas Casino" will remain with Pure Vegas Casino, as the case may be. By the installation and usage of this software, the Player hereby agrees to have read and fully understand the above Terms and Conditions and so agrees to be bound by them. This casino is owned and operated by Morenet Ltd., Tortola, BVI.