Affiliate Program

Pure Vegas Casino uses the C-Planet Affiliate Platform, where affiliates who join the program are able to earn revenue, from referrals that are introduced to participating online casinos. When an affiliate introduces players and that join casino, the affiliate will earn commission that is based on “revenue share”. Affiliates are paid a percentage of what ‘Real New Players” spend on games that were referred by you to the participating websites on C-Planet Affiliate program. The more players you introduce to the websites, the more money you can earn, and top affiliates can earn as much as 45% of the “revenue share”.

To join you don’t have to pay a cent, its free, all the tools are available to help you drive traffic to the websites. You will receive as much help as necessary to help you be successful. Pure Vegas Casino is not the only online casino website that is part of the C-Planet Affiliate program. Therefore your potential earnings are not limited to one casino. To learn more about the program visit the Affiliate link on the Pure Vegas Casino’s website.