Dr WinMore Slots

Featuring a mysterious, playful soundtrack and a half-creepy, half-science fiction background image with a strong fantasy, adventurous vibe Dr. Winmore Slots is another terrific original from Realtime Gaming that transports players in front of a huge space gate, surrounded by violet light that leads into the unknown. Following the release of Pulsar, Dr. Winmore is a terrific continuation to RTG’s science-fiction streak.

An Original Set up Reels and Rows

The game has a unique set up of 5 reels and 5 rows. The permanent coin size is 5 cents and the number of paylines is 20. The gameplay stands out with extremely smooth animation and absorbing sound effects, such as the demonic giggle that echoes every time a winning combination is formed on the reels. 1 coin per line can be played.

A Satisfying Gameplay Model

Additionally, every time a winning combination is formed, the triggering symbols will explode and new ones will fall down to take their place. The gameplay mechanics are very similar to the idea of Tetris, where blocks of the same colors that land next to each other delete one another and new ones fall down to take their place. Dr. Winmore follows the same logic.

Highly Rewarding Laboratory-Themed Symbols

Some of the symbols that can make an appearance on the reels, form winning combinations are delivering great payouts are various potion vials, filled with liquids of different colors – teal, orange, purple, red. There is also a glass cup filled with similar yellow stuff. The reels can end up being decorated by different kinds of light bulbs as well – a normal, halogen, yellow one, a cylindric blue one, a long green one. Other symbols include Dr. Winmore himself, mechanical devices, light bulbs, test tubes and plasma globes.

The Doctor’s Beneficial Bonus Features

Some of the bonus features, which players will be able to profit from are free spins, multiplier prizes and special symbols, which will make the explosions even bigger – and the profits – even more satisfying. The multiplier feature can be more closely observed through the big number that will be displayed at the base of the reels, where the number will slowly be rising with each successful cluster win. The biggest prize possible is 300 times the placed wager. Three more special classifications of wins can be observed in the game – a Big Win, a Mega Win and a Huge Win.

Ultimately, Dr. Winmore is a thrilling sci-fi adventure with original gameplay, multiple highly profitable bonus features and countless well-paying symbols, which will make your RTG journey into deep space immensely gratifying.