Privacy Policy

Pure Vegas Casino pledges that the casino will protect and respect your privacy. Pure Vegas will not disclose any information that the casino collect, and we offer the following information on how we will handle your privacy.

Account Information

It is normal in the world of internet commerce, that the Pure Vegas Casino site will automatically log your IP address(s) that access the Casino site. The IP address which stands for Internet Protocol Address, is a numerical number that identifies a logical address that is assigned to devices that participate in a computer network. E-mail addresses of visitors to the site are not collected or retained


For advertising purposes it is customary for internet commerce to log IP addresses, this is done so our advertising system is able to display relevant advertising features, this includes banners that display the language of Pure Vegas Casino visitors. Once again we reiterate that the system will not collect or retain e-mail addresses E-mail address will not be shared with any other party; they will only be used to communicate with our players to provide them with a variety of information that is associated with the casino’s operations. For those who contact us by e-mail we do not collect the e-mail addresses.

Further Account Information

Your privacy is respected in regards to winnings and cash-outs; this is covered under Pure Vegas Casino’s privacy policy. Any information about winnings will always remain private. However, should this information be required by law, regulation, competent regulatory authority or government, we will be required to adhere to the law and provide the necessary information.